Diary · Tying my Tubes

Tubal Ligation Recovery

Just so you know this post will have graphic information about my Vagina. So if you don’t want to know, don’t read it. This is for people that are considering getting their tubes tied and will want to know this information.

Most of the after effects of getting my tubes tied have a lot to do with the hormonal changes of getting off birth control. I was on a daily pill for almost 2 years, I took the pill continuously so that I wouldn’t have a period so I haven’t had a period in a long time. Birth control affects everyone differently but what I’ve noticed so far is mostly sexual side effects. I can orgasm easier and I self lubricate. With hormonal birth control I don’t self lubricate at all. That’s fun when I’m with someone new and they think I’m not having a good time because I have to bust out the lube.

After the surgery it took about 2 weeks for my abdomen to feel normal again, I was a little campy and I would just describe the feel of being aware of that part of my body. Not painful, just weird. Now it’s been a month since my surgery and I feel totally normal with the exception of when I stretch my stomach I am a little tender. I will be returning to the gym this week, I am really excited about that.

Sex doesn’t feel different, my cervix is a little tender still but to be fair I am not a candles, backrub, candlelit, stare into each others eyes and slowly make love kind of girl. I am asking a lot of my insides and considering that, it’s going well. The doctor said full recovery would be about 4-6 weeks so I am still within that time period. I was supposed to wait 15 days to have sex but I only made it 10. Have you seen my boyfriend? He’s really nice. The and second times were not super fun. It was not my cervix, it was mostly that I was using my lower ab muscles and that was uncomfortable.

What I got was called a Salpingectomy. They completely removed my tubes. They showed them to me afterwards and I asked my doctor about what I saw at my followup just to make sure I was remembering correctly. Your tubes are about as big and long as your pinky finger.

I feel free! I am so excited I went through with this. There is so much societal pressure to have children and no one will ever be able to pressure me enough to make me do it. Since I don’t have tubes at all it’s not reversible. Now I promise my first born child out to people when they do favors for me, just because I find that amusing. And I now what you’re thinking, what if I change my mind? Then my ears fall off. But seriously, then nothing happens, I don’t have them, it’s not the end of my life. Lots of women want to have children and can’t I will cope the same way they do. I am also a huge supporter of adoption and fostering kids. I will probably foster some kids someday. Or have someone else’s Bebe’s kids live with me. I’ve had a few people offer to surrogate for me, I think they missed the point.

Here’s some pictures of my incisions:

Right after the bandage came off
Right after the bandage came off
1 week later
1 week later


1 month later