Changing Jobs After 7 Years


I think culture shock is the best way to describe it. Mostly because I’ve never worked in clothing before and my new job is high end clothing. As an avid second-hand shopper there’s a bit of sticker shock happening when I see a $1,900 sweater. Also I need to know things like the difference between a button up and a button down, a coat and a jacket. It’s a learning experience.There’s leather made out of horse, goat, squirl and rabbit, more thing’s I’m sure. I only knew about cow leather before working here.

Now I also have co-workers! I really like this. They all have personalities and stuff, it’s really cool. One of them explained to me what chicken fired steak was the other day, I told him I was going to make a Facebook page of all the weird things he says. Who doesn’t know what chicken fried steak is? Another one told me 9am was too early to listen to Misfits (I was listening to Megadeath on the way to work lol). They handle my quirkiness well. I was walking around with mannequin parts hanging off me and they just laughed.

I had to start using a Mac too. It’s really unintuitive and I don’t understand why people like them better than PC’s. I know, I just said that, crazy. Too much clicking. For example the X on a program closes whatever you were working on but minimizes the app. If you want to close it you have to go into the file menu and close it.

Also my standard issue sports illustrated body isn’t what’s desired in this industry. The models are all tall and very slender. I am told that they are meant to look like a hanger to hang clothes. So I can out eat a lot of my co-workers and that’s pretty weird to me. I am not saying what’s better looking either way. I think if you love the way you look no matter what size you are, you’re doing it right and you are beautiful.

The biggest thing I was worried about with getting a new job was hiding parts of myself. I haven’t had to live in a world where I couldn’t share 100% of my life with people all the time. I wasn’t sure how polyamory would be viewed in this setting and whether I should keep it hush hush or not. Due to the fact that I am not used to having to keep that a secret and I have a big mouth I didn’t keep it a secret. I slipped it into a conversation with one of my bosses the other day and she didn’t blink. I’ll take that as a good sign for now. If I sucked at my I would be worried but I’m a good worker and she appears to like the work I’m doing so yay. Also the coworkers I work with daily know because they ask things like, what did you do last night? And I answer honestly. I had a date. No one has expressed a strong opinion against it so far. I guess I am lucky again that I don’t have to hide who I am.

I really like my new job, the environment is very trusting. My bosses philosophy is they hire people to do jobs they can’t do, they coach from behind and let you do your job trusting in your ability and seeing your results. Lot’s of changes have happened for me this year and I love this change I made. If you want to check out the company, it’s Baby & Co. No, not baby clothing. It’s high end adult clothing.