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I Found The Best New Thing

Bi guys. Yes the best thing ever is bi guys. They’re not new to the world but they are new to me.
Like 6 months ago my opinion on bi guys would have been totally different. I tend to like really masculine men. Assertive, opinionated, football watching, fix the house and car kind of guys. I always for some reason assumed that bi men would be more on the feminine side, want to cuddle and have lots of feelings. Which I realize is pretty flat out ignorant of me and I was part of the reason why male bi-sexuality is still a little in the closet. At least for the primarily straight guys.
Lucky for me I got to date one. I had no idea he was even remotely into guys until we had already been dating a while. It just came up one day in conversation. This totally shattered my view of bi guys. Here was this manly, handsome, I like to get my hands dirty and can lift heavy things kind of guy and he likes dick. And I never realized how many bi guys were out there until I dated one. They start popping up randomly everywhere, and they were there in plain site to begin with I just didn’t have my special sexually decoder glasses on before. It’s like one of those things no one really admits unless they’re doing it also.
Adventuring with bi guys has also taught me something else about sexually. Bi-sexuality isn’t a 50/50 thing. I am probably outing myself as a big ignorant naive dumbass with this whole post right now but you don’t know until you know, you know? I’m on the really straight end of the spectrum unfortunately. I don’t like girls at all. I think they’re pretty but anything beyond hand holding would not be my cup of tea. If another girl was naked in a room with me in a sexual way (not involved with me at all) it would make me uncomfortable.
So I assumed you liked guys, you liked girls or you liked both equally. It’s not like that, it’s shades of grey like everything else. You can like one more in a sexual way and the other in a relationship way or both in both ways but one more than the other. It’s fascinating to see what shade a person is.
The best part about bi guys? They like guys too. It’s the best thing ever. Hats off to you masculine bi men. You’re the real unicorn.

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