Diary · Tying my Tubes

Unexpected Side Effect of Getting my Tubes Tied

I’m totally sexually insatiable and sleep with everyone. No I’m kidding, I had to say it for the conservatives that think birth control will make women more morally loose and whores. My sex drive hasn’t changed.
The real unexpected side effect is I love children even more. I spent 3 hours on a plane playing I spy and charades with a 6 year old girl that had the cutest lisp. She pronounced her f’s like th’s so instead of saying forty she said thorty. So cute.
It’s not that I didn’t like children before but now I can actually express that and interact with them without people being convinced that they are witnessing some miraculous change of heart. People will even go as far as to say “see you are good with kids, you’ll change your mind some day.” It makes you feel like you can’t play with their kid anymore. It’s this weird backward societal pressure to have kids by convincing you that you want them and it’s actually pushing you away from any involvement at all instead of just accepting that you are simply just enjoying what you’re doing at this time and don’t necessarily want to commit to it forever. This doesn’t happen when you pet someone else’s dog.
Now people can say this all they want and I’ll tell them well I got my baby making parts removed on purpose but boyfriend and I will keep trying.
It makes me feel very free, I can participate in something I enjoy guilt free and unhindered by other people’s opinions.