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Telling My Date I’m Sterile

I got to go on my first new date with a guy who didn’t already know I had my tubes tied. It was the first time I got to tell someone in a romantic context and see how they reacted.
The subject of McDonald’s came up while we were eating at the best Thai good place in Seattle, Buddha Ruksa. We were sharing how we felt about McDonald’s and when the last time we ate it was and mine happened to be the day I got my tubes tied. So I told him about how I had to do the cheeseburger shake thing because for some reason I think this is an attractive story to tell a first date. Good thing I’m nice looking and my personality doesn’t really matter. He probably just thinks I’m a very dedicated person. Anyway a little while later he brought up me bring sterile. He said “So you have your tubes tied? That’s a really heavy decision.” Then we talked about how it could never be reversed because I had them removed and not just snipped. He got quiet after that and said he was thinking about the gravity of a decision like that. Not in a judgey way, more of a something he’d never thought of himself kind of way. He was surprisingly knowledgeable about female anatomy asked if I still have periods and why I would because I don’t drop eggs.
Can’t say it was a super exciting reaction but I’m glad my first time telling a date wasn’t a bad one.
Don’t worry boyfriend knows I went on a date, we are in a consensual non monogamous relationship. He will probably read this and think “good” because guys being respectful of me is really important to him.