Thanksgiving Without Parents

This holiday season is the first one since both my parents have passed away. Not having blood parents is a really weird feeling. Like you’re alone in the world. Even though in my case things were a little backwards, I moved out at 16 and helped my parents financially until I was 23 (long story). So even though I know they wouldn’t be a safety net if they were here it still makes the fact that I don’t have that safety net feel very real.
This Thanksgiving my sister and I got tons of offers to join other people. It was nice to know so many people thought of us and care. She choose to make sandwichs and give them to homeless people then join a long time friend over at their house. I took a mini vacation to help a friend move her mom across state.
The family I was with ended up going out to eat and the place offered a traditional Thanksgiving so I didn’t miss out. It really wasn’t weird to be sitting with someone else’s family for Thanksgiving. I think because so much of my life was spent with other people’s families it didn’t seem weird that mine wasn’t there. So it turned out my first Thanksgiving without parents wasn’t a big deal. I guess having a colorful childhood prepared me for this.