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What About Just Sex?


So you know I’m a cute girl, boys approach me about dating a lot. I can’t date everyone, there’s just not time but I’m polite about it. I tell them I’m sorry I don’t have time for dating right now and a lot of the time the response I get is “what about just sex?”
First of all this is rude and it deactivates my polite filter. Secondly why the fuck do they think what they have to offer is worth finding the time for? Let’s be realistic, even if I did literally just want sex the guy is not going to just come to my house, undress, be ready to

go, have sex with me, get dressed and leave. Even if that were to happen it still takes time, I have to be randomly at home with nothing to do, that never happens. It would also be really awkward and my body parts can still participate when they’re nervous but men’s are a little more fickle, just sayin. Also he’s probably wants me to act like I like him or something or make conversation. Maybe not the first time but boys don’t actually like being treated like a disposable toy as much as they like the idea of it.
One of these guys recently offered to send me a picture of his dick. He said “I’m good in bed, let me show you.” Since my polite filter was turned off I responded with “sending me a picture of your dick is not any proof of your skill. You don’t know me, you have no idea what I’m into. Unless you’re sending me a picture of your big toy box and maybe a hot friend, I’m not going to be impressed.”
I hate that these guys feel some sense of entitlement just because they have a dick. Like hey you should have sex with me because you’re pretty and I have a dick. I don’t think they realize how many dicks are out there and a girl like me has options so you have to have more than a dick to bring to the table. And in that same vein I’m not a walking vagina. Great way to show a girl you have no value in her as a human being but you’re down to put your dick in her to get your own needs met. I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with anonymous casual encounters type of arrangements, it’s not my job to judge what you’re into. But it would be like if you were really into degradation, you wouldn’t just go around insulting everyone to see who likes it.
Sorry for the mostly rant. I know I’m not the only one that gets these messages. Someone needs to tell these guys they are dumb and rude. And I know not all guys are like this. I don’t suggest any guys contact me to let me know this.

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  1. I’m on the other end of that spectrum. I’m quite aware that any woman I’d walk out to in order to even just strike up a conversation with and perhaps ask out on a date would have probably had 10 better offers that day. I also don’t want to appear to come off as one of “those guys,” so I don’t approach women at all! Yes, it is as lonely as it sounds too. There has to be some sort of balance in there somewhere, I’m still trying to find it 🙂

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