Things You Need to Know About Online Dating


This is not a list of dumb things like “nobody looks like their picture”, it’s real topics people should be thinking about while dating.

1. If a women’s not on birth control she has a 18% chance of getting pregnant at any given time. That means you have 5 spoons full of sugar and one of them is actually salt. I don’t think I need to say this but just in case, she has a 18% chance of getting pregnant from unprotected vaginal sex. Even if you are using the pull out method, are you absolutely sure not a drop of cum got in there?

2. Speaking of unprotected sex, if someone you just met is wanting to have unprotected sex with you, you are probably not the only date they have ever done that with. They probably seem like a really nice person but you can’t see sti’s and neither can they.

3. A condom can fit over a humans head, just saying.

4. Men who identify as straight are less likely to admit they’ve had anal sex with a man, which makes them at higher risk of having syphilis or HIV.

5. You can get Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis from oral sex.

6. If someone wont give you their real phone number, that’s weird. Netflix and Chill isn’t too personal but their phone number is?