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Naked Pictures


I’m not the kind of person who sends naked photos. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I personally don’t because I don’t want to end up on Google or anywhere on the internet for career minded reasons. I also feel if you’re going to send photos ahead of time it takes the excitement out of the nude reveal when you do take your clothes off in front of someone for the first time. That moment of awe, feeling like you hit a hotness jackpot when you finally see them naked.
It seems to be the new way of dating, picture swapping ahead of time. As a dating participant I will sometimes send photos of me in my underwear or implied nude. Now days that tends to not be enough. The person on the receiving end will most of the time ask for more revealing photos or send me a fully nude photo and then tell me it’s my turn or in rare cases not respond at all. I always tell them I don’t send nudes ahead of time, because for some reason it feels like I have to because it’s a big deal that I don’t. I find these responses offensive. I have a very nice figure that I take good care of and decorate with creepy tattoos, they were lucky enough to receive a picture of it where I made the effort to pose in a sexy way. To the ones who are not appreciative I literally never send them another photo and call them on it when they ask for one. They can bite me. My body is something to be respected and appreciated. It’s like a birthday present, when someone give it to you is not polite to unresponsively look at that present and say “ok what’s next”. If you’re reading this and you’re recalling the time I called you on it, you’re a dick, next time have some appreciation for any level of nudity a person is willing to share with you.
I blame online dating and porn. Naked people are so accessible now in real life and on screen that the art of the tease feels lost. People would rather have the instant gratification and are comfortable judging a person’s worthiness based on a picture from behind their screen. Most people don’t have Barbie and Ken bodies so what are you looking for? What’s going to be good enough based on just a photo?
I know other people might feel this way too, it makes you a little insecure to have these photos unacknowledged or unappreciated. I have great self esteem, love my body and think I’m hot but when someone sees it and acts unimpressed it makes you think they don’t think you’re attractive.
I’m debating boycotting the picture sending all together just to see how the male dating world responds. Will I get less dates? Will I get different kinds of dates? I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

Now look at this meme, it’s the funniest thing on the internet.

dick pick

3 thoughts on “Naked Pictures

  1. This is hil-fucking-larious!
    I have to agree with you 100%, I think that the internet and online dating has damn near taken the fun out of sex and serendipitous behavior altogether. Granted, I had a time when I participated in some nude exchanges (but I’m old and was around when the internet first came into our lives), but learned my lesson well enough in advance to correct my behavior and never do it again….

    There is STILL a picture with me and a mop handle floating around, I’m sure…terrifying, I tell you.

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  2. I’ll agree. I never got a nude pic, just tasteful underwear pics. If they were nude, then I was basically already in and wouldn’t have to try any harder.

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