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Adventures in Learning to Car: I Killed my Truck

I didn’t really kill my truck. I got in a double accident. I was driving on a freeway on ramp and started to fish tail. Normally when you start to fish tail you let up off the gas and it will correct itself. That didn’t happen, it started to really fish tail so I tried to turn out of it and hit a concrete barrier. I pulled over off the road, got out and looked. Got back in the truck. My wheel was a little bent, it was drivable and if I hadn’t been on an on ramp to the interstate I would have drove home but I was sketched out about driving it on the freeway like that. So I call my insurance company to tow me home. I’m on the phone getting the tow set up and someone slams into the back of me. She had fish tailed in the same spot. That part was pretty scary because it was a surprise and also I got out to see if she was ok and her car was smoking. She was ok, her car very much wasn’t.
I learned a couple things from this, one is that I love that truck and it can really take a beating. Despite hitting a jersey barrier then getting rear ended pretty hard and pushed back into the barrier. It’s really not that damaged. When it got turned into a mechanic to check the damages, he called me right away and the first thing he did was ask if I was ok because she hit me really hard.
The other thing I learned is insurance companies will lie to you. When I signed up I asked for full coverage insurance. I’d only had my license for 2 years and this was my first car, I didn’t want to fuck around. Turns out I don’t have full coverage. So my insurance company, Geico, won’t cover the damages I did and also won’t help me file a claim with the other persons insurance.
I also got a speeding ticket even though I wasn’t speeding. The officer said because I was going too fast to control my vehicle. This is a dick move. I didn’t call the police when I hit the jersey barrier. The only reason they got called when the lady but me was because she was blocking the roadway. So I got a ticket because someone else hit my car.
Another thing about insurance companies is they are a nightmare to work with. Statefarm (her insurance company) offered me a rental car, I went to pick it up 2 days in a row and couldn’t because they hadn’t out the paperwork through right. The third day they did but I found out that they only insured it for up to $1000 in damages. Hello, I was just in a car accident, I’m not driving a car that doesn’t have full coverage.
My truck was deemed to be totaled, I wasn’t surprised. With how old it is putting a new anything on it is going to cost more than the vehicle itself. So I’m not going to get another car, for a few reasons. Mostly I don’t need one. I commute to work, I live in a really walkable neighborhood and it’s not that weird for me to find my way around without one. This was my first car and I only had it for 8 months. And I can’t get another reliable car for what they’re going to give me for the truck. Working with these insurance companies has solidified this decision, what a nightmare.