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Are you really my friend?

All girls can relate to this, maybe guys too but I am not male therfore I can’t speak from the male perspective. And I guess this is kind of a rant because I can’t think of a way other than first person to word it.
Over the years you make guy friends, sometimes they’re more than friends sometimes they’re more like acquaintances. Then they get a girlfriend and dissappear. Suddenly stop talking to you, maybe unfriend you on social media, maybe even flat out ignore you.
Then suddenly they reappear with the “hey stranger, long time no talk :)” message.
I understand that some relationships don’t want you hanging out with opposite gender friends but didn’t we mostly grow out of that in high school?
If you’re going to be my friend than be my friend. If you only want to talk to me when you’re single you’re not really my friend and don’t be surprised when I don’t make any effort to talk to you when you send that long time no talk message.

One thought on “Are you really my friend?

  1. As a guy, we definitely want to have sex with our attractive female friends. We think of it like, why shouldn’t we be able to be friends and also have sex. It’s the same as my male friends being dual purpose as well. There are some guy friends that I want to be friends with and workout/business/sport partners with.

    But if a guy only stayed “friends” with me in case he needed business advice, a spotter at the gym, etc I would just unfriend him and ignore him. But I’d like it if we could have both.


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