Guess What Guys? I’m Out of the Woods

I can say I’m officially out of the woods of heartbreak land. And it feels fucking great. 

Heartbreak was hands down one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through. I spent a lot of time feeling like I was dying and emotionally void. Time was what did it. Time, some life  changes to cut stress out and stopping to smell the flowers. And maybe some antidepressants. You basically have to die and be reborn. That’s what it feels like anyway. You’re full of pain for a long time and then you slowly start to wake up. It’s not fun, it’s not easy and I don’t want to do it again but in a way it makes me give more. I’m not afraid of being hurt because I know now that after that, I’ll make it through whatevers thrown my way. 

 And it’s said that when you feel pain you feel pleasure more intensely, it’s true. I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. And off antidepressants, which hasn’t happened in many years. I don’t regret anything, I don’t harbor any resentment. It was a lesson I needed to learn even though it sucked. 

If I had tips for going through a break up I’d say they were, don’t forget the bad times. It’s easy for the good times to be remembered and then you really miss the person but the bad times are why you’re here and why you have to go through this. Give yourself space to grieve but not all day every day. Try to keep busy but schedule much needed time to moap around. Focus on things you love, like friends, reading, sports, etc. Focus on people who love you, family, friends, other romantic partners. And don’t keep in contact. I’m not saying don’t be friends but give it time. They will only feed the need for love or feed the pain of grief. 

Best of luck to anyone going through heartbreak. It’s a bitch but it it won’t last forever and you’ll love yourself when you start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.