Starting Fresh 

I recently moved to another state, where I don’t know many people so I get to start a lot of things fresh and dating is one of those things.

 I get to decide what I want, all brand new. I get to look back at the relationships that I’ve had recently since my last serious relationship and ponder about what I really want. Things that stick out to me: freedom, independence, emotional maturity, compatibility and not to rush into anything. I think the first boyfriend I had after my serious relationship, I was trying to fill a place I was used to having. It didn’t work out and was short, I’m sure this is the definition of a rebound. The second was longer lived but not ideal. We were very incompatible and had a lot of points of contention because of it. I stayed because I really really liked that person. Based on those 2 I know for sure I don’t want to rush into anything and I’m not willing to compromise on the amount of personal freedom I need to be happy in life. But I’m trying to be open minded. I’m not really looking for anything serious, just being open to exploring possibilities. 

 So far I’ve found that there’s a big poly community in the Phoenix area. So big that you have to go to a new member orientation before going to any community events. I’m going to that tomorrow. I’m really excited to get to know a whole new community.