About Dollface

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am a fiercely independent 28 year old girl. Like the kind that would rather learn how to do something than have someone else do it for me. I am really liberally opinionated and outspoken but also understanding, I am not going to fight you on your opinion, mostly out of pure laziness. I am much more about awareness through education than arguing. I am polyamorous and I love it.

Hi Christina

I want people to know there are kinds of relationship structures other than the standard model. Get your needs met, make yourself and your partner happy, be selfless, treat everyone with respect, love yourself. Traditional Monogamy is not the only option. Non Monogamy is a general term for lots of different relationship types like polyamory, swinging, anything that isn’t just the two of you all the time for life. There are other blogs about Non Monogamy but I want to offer a different perspective. Non Monogamy in practice, not just advice on what to do and what kinds of situations arise but what people (or myself in this case) actually do in these situations. I am mostly just writing about these situations as they come along in my life.

A little about me personally. I love Dan Savage, if he wanted to be my best friend that would be really cool. I have a 6 year old Tarantula named Elvira, she’s the perfect pet. I would describe myself as an urban goth, I like to wear normal nice lady clothes but in all black all the time. I love creepy things like spiders and vintage tools, I have a 6 foot rusty scythe hanging above my bed. I have a handsome partner of many years, he’s crazy but he truly is my equal. I am a very lucky lady.

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This is me
This is me

4 thoughts on “About Dollface

  1. I like how you write how you are thinking… Or at least that’s what I’m guessing is how you think, having no idea who you are other than a beautiful face and an interesting author, blogger or whatever.

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  2. I’m so glad you posted about your tubal surgery experience. I’m getting mine done in about a month and I’m 23 and I’ve been wanting thus done for a year and I’m thankful and relieved yet scared of surgery in general :p so when you wake up is the pain like a 10 out of 10? Sorry I’m just being a baby about the whole thing but I still want to do it.


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