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Romantic Friendships

I am kind of funny when it comes to dating. I don't want someone to be my boyfriend or try and be super involved in each others lives. There has only been one person to date that I have actually wanted to be serious with and integrate our lives in a traditional relationship kind of… Continue reading Romantic Friendships

dating · polyamory

Online Dating And Non Monogamy

My room mate asked me if I've ever thought about being a relationships counselor. I actually have but I would hate to go through all that schooling. Also my views seem radical to compared to others sometimes and I don't know how receptive people would be. So I was thinking oh yeah I have a… Continue reading Online Dating And Non Monogamy

dating · polyamory · Tying my Tubes

Being Supportive Beyond Your Own Desires

So if you've read my posts about getting my tubes tied you notice I mention my boyfriend a few times. He was incredibly supportive through the whole thing. Supporting my choice to get it done, never once argued with me about it, took me to the surgery, took me home and took care of me… Continue reading Being Supportive Beyond Your Own Desires