Starting Fresh 

I recently moved to another state, where I don't know many people so I get to start a lot of things fresh and dating is one of those things.  I get to decide what I want, all brand new. I get to look back at the relationships that I've had recently since my last serious… Continue reading Starting Fresh 


I’m a Secondary 

I'm currently a Secondary and I like it. We don't actually subscribe to the hierarchy labels but for the sake of talking about my current dynamic in simple terms,  I'm going to use it.  This is the first time I've been in a dynamic where my anchor partner is in an established long term relationship.… Continue reading I’m a Secondary 


Don’t Let Jealousy Rule Your Relationship

This is not a rant on monogamy. Loveline asked the question "what advice do you wish you would have heard before you started dating?" My answer is don't let jealousy rule your relationship. I'm not talking about open relationships, I'm talking about all relationships. I'm not saying never get jealous or that it's not normal,… Continue reading Don’t Let Jealousy Rule Your Relationship